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Optima Reporters

At Optima Reporters Legal video, we provide legal Videography Services Nationwide.

We Can provide CLVS Certified video Specialist for your video deposition.

  • Video-conference rooms nationwide
  • CLVS certified videographers
  • Transcript synchronized to video
  • Expedited DVD copies
  • Day in the Life of videos
  • Redacting testimony videos
  • Construction site video surveys
  • Accident scene videos
  • Settlement and documentary videos
  • Forensic videos
  • Video editing for trial
  • Video inspections
  • Wills videos
  • Prenuptial videos
  • Still from video

Optima Legal Video Services provides Certified Legal Video Specialists for all your video-deposition needs.

Call us today at (619)111-1111 or Contact Us online to schedule legal video services.